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trans-plant 1997

Installation in 4 glass cases, boxes acrylic glass 150 x 50 x 30 cm, plants, insects, soil, texture

 The outdoor installation shows the vivid diversity of a partial biotop which originates from the forest, the meadows or the industrial non place area exactly 30 km away of the center of Berlin, the Alexanderplatz.

Living material, which continues to grow is the main part of this installation.

The cardinal directions north, east, south and west denote the specific directions where the biotopes originally come from. 

External is changing to internal.

It is a kind of floral visit symbolized by this changing natural organic material, catching the attention of passants walking by in this concrete dominated urban area.

At the end of the exhibition the plants have all been brought back to where they came from - the silent and wide peripheria around this big city called Berlin.